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Related Items
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a) Camera Mount Extension
Brings camera up to eye level on any staff with camera mount beneath walnut knob.

  Camera Mount Extension: $15.95*
  Buy Online

b) Walnut Knob
In case you lose one.

  Walnut Knob: $9.95*
  Buy Online

c) Trekking Basket
Keeps your staff from sinking in too deep in mud and snow.

  Trekking Basket: $5.95*
  Buy Online

d) Rubber Foot (Flex Tip)

  Rubber Foot: $5.95*
  Buy Online

e) Rubber Foot (Paw Print)
To replace one that's worn out.

  Rubber Foot: $8.95*
  Buy Online

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* MSRP in US Dollars

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